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Stop and see the big picture

At times, we can feel overwhelmed by our daily tasks and responsibilities. Every day seems the same, the same struggle against time, fatigue. When we live like that, we don't see the "big picture". At times like this when we feel stuck, we need to stop and give ourselves time to think about where we really want to go in our lives. Are there any better solutions to our problems? Is there anything we can do differently? What are the most important things in our lives?

The weekend is coming. Don't waste time on the old struggles. Start anew. Here are a few things you can do to step back and give yourself space and time to see the "big picture".

1. Don't start your day by checking your phone. (Turn off all notifications on your phone and check your email box once a day.)

2. Limit the amount of caffeine you are intaking. Take care of your body and eat something healthy.

3. Plan on spending some time in nature. Go for a walk alone. Don't take your phone with you. Ask yourself questions for which you usually don't have time. Give yourself time to process. Don't rush things. After returning home, take a notebook and write down everything that came to your mind.

4. Use a journal to grow as a person and as a professional. Is there anything in the way you think or look at things that don't serve you? Become conscious of your thinking patterns and allow yourself to understand why you do what you do.

5. Think about the most important people in your life and commit to spending more time with them. Call them. Message them. Meet with them. Spend more time thinking about how you can help them, than how you can help yourself.

6. Take time to recharge your batteries. Don't believe the lie that a day without work is a day wasted. Don't watch TV and limit the amount of time on your computer. Read a book instead, or listen to relaxing music. Don't clutter your mind with unnecessary things.

7. Be grateful for everything and everyone.

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