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GROW IN FLOW program

GROW in flow program


Overcome stage fright


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"Grow in Flow"  is a unique music performance enhancement program designed to help musicians and other performers of all levels deal with performance anxiety and reach their maximum potential on stage. The program uses emotional intelligence skills and proven training techniques used in Sport Psychology, Performance Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Psychology to help musicians develop mental skills necessary for optimal and enjoyable public performance.

“Grow in Flow” addresses causes of performance anxiety, identifies problem areas, and devises action plans for improvement. It also teaches how to find optimal conditions to get into the state of flow – the most desirable mental state for peak performance. The skills taught in the program can be applied to many contexts of music performance, including everyday practice as well as competitions, auditions, and other public performances.

8. prepare for your peak

    performance on stage

8 steps

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1. Understand what 

     the problem is

2. Find the root causes  

    of your stage fright

Lesson 1: Is it Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety?

Lesson 2: What is Music Performance Anxiety (MPA)?

Video Materials 

Written Exercises

Why the MPA test?

MPA Test & Results

Video Materials

Written Exercises

MPA Test.001.jpg

4. Learn to control your              Body's reactions 

3. Learn to control

   negative emotions 

Lesson 1: Emotional Competence

Lesson 2: Understanding the Stress Response

Lesson 3: Managing Emotions

Lesson 4: Managing Emotions for Public Performance

Video Materials

Written Exercises

Lesson 1: Breathing Exercises

Lesson 2: Relaxation Techniques

Lesson 3: Visualization Techniques & Affirmations

Lesson 4: A Well Balanced Life

Video Materials

Relaxation Techniques MP3 

Visualization Techniques MP3  

Written Exercises

5. build-up your


6. set smart goals

3. Learn to control negative 

    emotions on stage

Video Materials

Written Exercises

Lesson 1: Self-esteem, Self-efficacy, and Self-confidence

Lesson 2: The Real Self vs. The Ideal Self

Lesson 3: Dealing with Authority Figures &

                 Different Types of Audience

Lesson 4: Dealing with Criticism, Perfectionism, 

                 Mistakes in Performance & Setbacks

Session 6: Motivation & Goal Setting

Lesson 1: Self-actualization and Mastery Orientation

Lesson 2: How to Set SMART Goals

Lesson 3: Setting Lifetime Goals

Lesson 4: Setting Professional Goals

Video Materials

Written Exercises

7. increase your focus & 

get into the flow state

8. prepare for your 

    peak performance 

Session 7: Focus & Flow State

Lesson 1: What is the State of Flow
Lesson 2: Optimal conditions for entering Flow 
Lesson 3: How to increase focus and concentration
Lesson 4: Focus, creativity, and Flow State

                 in public performance

Video Materials

Written Exercises

Mental Training

Session 8: Peak Performance & 
                  Pre-Performance Routine

Lesson 1: Peak Performance - How to Reach Your                                 Potential in High-Pressure Situations

Lesson 2: Getting Ready for the Performance -       

               Developing Pre-performance, Post-performance, 

               and Performing Routines

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Written Exercises

Mental Training

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