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See what you can learn and expect to accomplish through the Grow in Flow online course. 

FREE Videos

WHY should

I take the mpa test?

Find out why we recommend taking the MPA if you would like to overcome stage fright and thrive in public performance.


FEAR on stage?

Learn about the mechanisms behind stage fight and see how the flight or fight response may be responsible for your anxiety on stage. 

How to calm

a racing heart

and control shaking hands? 

Learn some relaxation exercises that will help you control your body's reactions while performing on stage.

why do I feel anxious performing in front of an audience? 

Learn why you feel nervous in front of the public and what you can do to deal with authority figures whose presence may negatively influence your stage performances.

can anyone experience the state of flow?

The state of Flow is the most optimal and desirable state of mind to perform on stage and to reach peak performance. People who are more prone to experiencing Flow have self-driven, so-called, “autotelic personality”.  Watch the video and see if you are one of them! 

practice in virtual practice room 

Practice your stage performance using multiple exercises in our virtual performance room. Take up your instrument and enter the stage. Take a deep breath and relax your palms and feet before you start playing, ignoring all of the distractions coming from the audience.

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