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& Lessons

8 steps

to overcome stage fright

& reach your peak performance

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1. Understand where you are

Lesson 1: Is it Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety?

Lesson 2: What is Music Performance Anxiety (MPA)?

Video Materials 

Written Exercises

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2. find the root causes of your 

    stage fright

Video Introduction

MPA Test & Results

Video Materials

Written Exercises

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3. Learn to control negative 

    emotions on stage


Lesson 1: Emotional Competence

Lesson 2: Understanding the Stress Response

Lesson 3: Managing Emotions

Lesson 4: Managing Emotions for public performance

Video Materials

Written Exercises

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4. Learn to control your body's

    reaction on stage


Lesson 1: Breathing Exercises

Lesson 2: Relaxation Techniques

Lesson 3: Visualization Techniques & Affirmations

Lesson 4: A Well Balanced Life

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Video Materials

Relaxation Techniques MP3 

Visualization Techniques MP3  

Written Exercises

5. build up your self-confidence 

Video Materials

Written Exercises

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5. boost your self-confidence 


Lesson 1: Self-esteem, Self-efficacy, and Self-confidence

Lesson 2: The Real Self vs. The Ideal Self

Lesson 3: Dealing with Authority Figures & Different Types of Audience

Lesson 4: Dealing with Criticism, Perfectionism, Mistakes & Setbacks

6. Find the right motivation

Session 6: Motivation & Goal Setting - link


Lesson 1: Self-actualization and Mastery Orientation

Lesson 2: How to Set SMART Goals

Lesson 3: Setting Lifetime Goals

Lesson 4: Setting Professional Goals

Video Materials

Written Exercises

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7. increase your focus on stage

   & get into the flow state

Session 7: Focus & Flow State - link

Lesson 1: What is the State of Flow 
Lesson 2: Optimal conditions for entering the State of Flow 
Lesson 3: How to increase focus and concentration
Lesson 4: Focus, creativity and Flow State in live stage performance

Video Materials

Written Exercises

Mental Training

8. prepare for your peak         

    performance on stage

Session 8: Peak Performance & Pre-Performance Routine - link

Lesson 1: Peak Performance - How to Reach Your Potential

                in High-Pressure Situations
Lesson 2: Getting Ready for the Performance - Developing          Pre-performance, Post-performance, and Performing Routines

Written Exercises

Mental Training

what's in the BOnus resources

Build your public performance skills using the tools from the bonus resources section.

(Available to Platinum Subscription & Bundle Deal only.)




Relaxation and visualization exercises developed to teach you how to quickly relax your muscles and focus in all performance situations. 


GRow in flow course e-book

The whole Grow in Flow Course curriculum along with the Grow in Flow Journal with exercises.



Routine tools

Get ready for your public performance by practicing in our virtual performance rooms, develop your own affirmations, listen to the mental training pre-performance MP3s, and more.  

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Read more about the topics related to overcoming stage fright and thriving in public performance. 

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