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Are you a music educator who is...

Struggling to get your students to practice regularly and meaningfully?

Love to teach but not having enough time to cover all music & performance related topics? 

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Looking for ways to increase your income as a music teacher with little extra effort?

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We are developing an educational platform that will help music educators become more successful and fulfilled as teachers, and for students to learn better and faster.


Our platform helps students stay motivated and committed to practicing at home, and provides the set of tools for students to develop the musical, mental, and emotional skills necessary for a successful public performance.

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Justyna Ponulak

Justyna is a professional musician and a music performance coach specializing in public performance. She is the founder of the "Grow in Flow" program helping musicians and other performers overcome stage fright and reach their full potential on stage. She is passionate about sharing knowledge and helping to develop emotional intelligence skills among children and adolescents learning to play a musical instrument in order to provide them with the best conditions for personal development and success in life and on stage.

About the founder

Justyna Ponulak

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